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hands earth
 Looks like I've abandoned you, LiveJournal. And I apologize.
I have moved to Tumblr, unfortunately. 
On the brightside, at least I'm more active on Tumblr and I'm still alive! ^____^


Follow Me Please?

Thank you! 
02 20 10 - Really now?
hands earth
 (I'm too lazy to edit this; center, justify, bold, italics, etc. so i'm just going to wing it.)
Okay, so I recently read or at least skimmed through an article of a southern baptist praying for Obama's death.
What ticks me off the most is how irrational and naive I believe people with views like his are.
But this is just my perspective on the subject.

I want to ask one of these people WHY they think this way about colored people. I'm not just talking about the baptist here, but all those that support the views of groups like the KKK.
What I don't understand is why THEY can't understand the fact that we are all human, not at all different. So what if we have different skin colors? Why can't they just accept the fact that we are all human and the same?

In my own thoughts, I know that people have different points of views. But some people are so manipulated in their own thoughts to even KNOW that their own thoughts are just downright WRONG.
How can I prove that one thought's are wrong?
Just by what their thoughts DO.

If one is thinking about killing another, 
and that person believes that it is right,
and I don't, 
shouldn't they think about how I would feel in my perspective?
I mean, really now. 
What is right about -- in this case -- murder?
Nothing. Nothing at all..

So why are these people yet hating or just disliking people of different color? Are they too blind to realize that they've become monsters?
They continue to say that they are only doing the right thing,
that those they are hurting and disliking deserve the treatment they are about to inflict upon these people.
But WHY CAN'T THEY THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX and realize the wrong they are really doing?

FYI, this is my blog, my opinions, my thoughts. 
If you don't understand or i haven't changed your views one bit, fine.
I just tried putting my voice out there.
Can't you at least consider this scenario or at least my own way of looking at life?

I hope to see that racism will stop soon,
but it seems unlikely to have evil gone forever.

I say farewell and until next time,

panda roll
 I just happened to take a cup of yogurt out of the fridge.
Now that I've opened it...
I don't think I want it anymore. :P
And for those that are for some reason curious, it's Strawberry and Cereal.
It's high in fiber kids. Eat up. ;)


My friends and I came up with something else to call yoghurt. 
"Old Milk in a Cup".
Yeah, we're awesome.
Because when you think about it, yogurt really is just "old milk in a cup".

Technicality pwns.
I just wanted to share that all with you.
And now it's your turn.
Do you call anything else something different besides what it really is called?
..You know what I mean. Hopefully.


BTW, [adult swim] games have taken over my life. o___o
Nah. "Evermore" by Alyson Noel has.


*Have you seen internet ads lately? PATHETICALLY HILARIOUS.*


Random Fact of the Day:
"The Yo-Yo originated as a weapon in the Philippine Islands during the sixteenth century."
-OMGfacts (Twitter)
Take THAT. lol.
01 30 10 - pain.
okami wolfie
 "Once the ad ends you'll be returned to your LiveJournal experience"

Why does it hurt to laugh? >.<
Ugh. Pain.

So. How has your life been?
Mine has been...So-so. :]
If it weren't for these fucking cramps.

I've begun to learn how to draw animals, like wolves and whatnot...
Maybe i'll post them here. :]

This book that I'm working on (that I haven't been able to write) is called "Tousel"
but I'm not so sure about that yet. 
As my L.A. teacher always said - the title comes last.
I haven't got a solid summary yet, except for...
well, here is what is going on so far:

A girl named Rianne has been surrounded by magic all her life, 
ever since her parents had left her when she was born.
She is taken care of her grandmother, who isn't your typical cookie-baking grandma.
Rianne longs for a grandma like the ones on tv, then again she's never had cookies, nevertheless soda.
She begins to have nightmares and as she is growing up, trying to figure these dreams out,
Rianne is on her last straw and makes a decision to get out of her grandma's home, all to find out that she has no place to stay.
What are her options?
A penny is thrown at her face by a boy by the name of Demitri, whom she mistakingly agrees to stay with him in his apartment,
even for a few days.
Slowly Rianne begins to find more about this boy,
and realize that meeting him, agreeing to stay at his apartment for a few days,
was a complete mistake.

So there you go. I'll figure out a shorter summary soon, but until then,
happy writing. :P


fact of the day:
mother nature's gift is sometimes a pushover.
only when it wants to be. 
mr and mrs orange
You have been warned. ;D

So there is this 'person' let's say, whom I know.
Let's call him...Iz. Yeah, Iz -- Izzy's a little too...bleh.

Let's talk about first impressions. An actual topic before I get back into the stuff I actually have to do.
Anyway, the first time I saw Iz and his loud, obnoxious self, I thought he would be one of those assholes that were loud, yet nice in a way.
My predictions were correct, after all. Yet he still confuses me in his own little way.

Notice how he falls under "Irrational People", as he is. 
Iz is one of those guys who are cocky, relentless, somewhat caring, yet loud and mean all at the same freaking time.
He makes no fucking sense to me whatsoever.

And before you go all "aww" on me, he really does piss me off.
I tried getting along with him, but we'll never be true allies. 
Consider us as frenemies...
..While I'm one of the outcasts through his petty life.

NO, I do not like him, nor am I interested in his obnoxious self.
Iz is one of those guys whom just don't make any sense.

Think of it this way; if someone were to call you a name, or say something negative about you, 
you would get right away that that person just doesn't like you...
Though this is what throws me off -- then THAT person, that just made a negative statement about you,
compliments you all then and there.

What the fug?

Don't get me wrong, he can be nice --
but was that really the best time to....say that? Make a compliment after making a relentless statement that pissed me off?
Bull shit!
He makes no sense to me. Hell, I don't even know if he's a friend or a freaking bully.
He's just an obnoxious type of guy that will never learn. Ever.

I don't know why I decided to make this entry, maybe just so I could put all my anger on this here journal.
That's what journals are for, right?

But think about it -- if you were in this situation, what would you do?
And no, it would be impossible to ignore him...
...If he's in almost all your freaking classes and pushes you around, even though you are five inches to a meter away from him.

There really is nothing to do but hope that maybe, just maybe...
He'll just leave me the fuck alone and just stay with the compliments, except for dissing me for something he started.

Some people just don't understand or get it, do they?


Random Fact of the Day:
Gravity is a bitch.
01 11 10(no subject)
yondaime chibi

So what exactly is this photo showing? A piece of gum stuck between a window and the driver's seat.
What have I been up to lately? The question is, what have YOU been up to lately?
I know I'm so new to this LJ thing and I'm already leaving it behind...But hey, I have my reasons. ;D
Like I said, I'm working on this novel-thingie I'm entering for this Young Authors thing.
I guess I'll post an excerpt on here if you'd like. The chapters are pretty long, though. 
The progress is going well, though, so thank god I don't have writers block. Yet.
 Next week is when this competition I'm part of is happening and I'm stressed enough as it is...
It's hard that I have to study for it even though I know I won't win First Place.
And every time I look at the study sheet, my stomach starts turning and I chicken out.
But I have some confidence that I'll at least be able to make the stage..
..pray for me? 
Nah. But you could if you want to be a buddy! lol

So that's pretty much it.
Other than the stress I'm already going through, I know everything else will be just fine...
Just fine.
~ myiceland ~
PS - there are so many useless things I want to talk about but i can't remember. 

 Fact of the Day:
The Philippines has McDelivery.
hands earth
 Books I plan on reading:
(I swear I have a whole list.)

- Evermore by Alyson Noel
- Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick
- Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Seth Grahame-Smith
- Fallen by Lauren Kate
- After by Amy Efaw
- Memoir of a Geisha by Arthur Golden
- Kissed by an Angel by Elizabeth Chandler
- The Boy in the Striped Pajamas by John Boyne

I am currently reading the Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare.
I recommend reading them as well as:

- PUSH by Sapphire (movie is titled "Precious")
- Uglies (Uglies Series Book 1) by Scott Westerfeld
- Marked (House of Night Series Book 1.) P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast
 - Valiant by Holly Black (I've read only half of the book but I remember it being great. It is also a series.)
- Vamps by Nancy A. Collins
- The Hunger Games series (Hunger Games, then Catching Fire) by Suzanne Collins
- Wicked Lovely (also a series) by Melissa Marr (I've only read half but I remember it being awesome.)
& more. If you have any more books to add, please say so in the comments. :D

These are all fantastic books & series. I hope you'll consider them. ;)
If you've read any books from my first list, please comment/message me telling me your opinion on any books. I'd really like to know from someone else's perspective what these books are like.

ALSO: I am working on a novel. :D For a Young Authors contest. 
So, if I don't post an entry within a day or more, you know why.
No, this isn't much of a "hiatus" because I always visit my LJ. :) So do not fear, even though I may be busy...
..I still love you guys. ^.^

01 02 10 - HAPPY PANDA. :]
panda roll

My New Addiction. :D Welcome.
*Winnie the Pooh Pillow Sheets, FTW!*

Whoa, I haven't made an entry in a while. I feel bad now.
It's already 2010. Wow. I'm not sure if I should be excited or not. 
I guess the only reasonable thing to do is to be excited, 
because it means we've gone through ANOTHER YEAR! 

I'm not sure if you've tried this snack called "Hello Panda" before, but it's amazing. :D
It's basically a biscuit shaped in a panda's head [aw] and it's filled with cream either strawberry or chocolate flavored. 
As in the photo, I picked strawberry. 
If you know what "Yan-Yan" is, or maybe "Pocky", then that'll pretty much give you an idea of what it tastes like.
Asian snacks are awesome. But the end result sometimes isn't so awesome. T_T
My grandma says the snack stinks. Literally.
Old people have bad taste !? JK.
Everyone loves old people. Right? Right.
You better.

This one doesn't have cream..I WANT A REFUND!

Hopefully everyone had a good new year's day and I really appreciate everyone who reads and comments on my entries.
Let's hope 2010 will be a much better year than 2009...
...because we'll never get 2009 back. EVER. (good.)

*OVER* !
Well, at least I'll get to see my friends again...
What friends? 

City of Bones knocks my socks off.
If that's even humanely possible.
Yay for subtitles people can't read. :D


FML= French the Llama.

hands earth

Like the title implies, I just forgot everything I was going to talk about. So don't be surprised if this turns out like another piece of crap. >___>

So I finished "Tempted", book 6 of the House of Night Series. And I gotta say, it was epic. 
I liked how this book was in different point of views, rather than the other books where they were all focused on just Zoey.

*and kind of a spoiler but not really* I thought the ending sucked ass. But not because it literally sucked monkey balls, but because it was just another ending that left you hanging, depressed....Depressed. *_* It was like that New Moon movie. Epic black screen. But instead..."Everything went dark." $hit. Yeah. That stuff. But that's what authors do to you...They make you all excited then they crush your dreams like a bully. Kind of like the breakfast burrito at Taco Bell. LOL =P

Anyway, I would rate the book 5/5. Even though some people rated it only 4/5 because of the swearing; I didn't mind the swearing. But I guess some people don't like it.

I also, as you can tell by my lovely pictures above, I had a mocha latte this morning. It was...okay. ;) And yeah I could say it was worth it. You should go try one. (did you know the Philippines has McDelivery? I was like... WTFFF!!!!!)

*a-hem.* I guess that's all for now. I'll make another post or edit this one if my memory somehow gets back to me. Damn I'm old. I have worse memory loss than my grandma... >__> Not that I'm sixty. That's just weird. I'm pleasantly (and proud to say) that I'm still a teen, thank you very much. ;) 

[EDIT]: ALSO, i finally figured out this whole layout/CSS thing. :) With the help of a friend, of course.


*today's text color was brought to you by archbishop9. ;) leave in the comments what the next color should be!

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