Me Being Me. That's All That Matters.

Hmm...What can I say? I'm a lot of things, really. Sympathetic, sure. Artistic, hell yes. A bookworm? Yep, that's me. An otaku? Don't even get me started. My passion is writing, nevertheless to read other people's writing. Not only do I like mangas like Naruto and Vampire Knight, but I love to draw my own OCs. In the future, I hope to be either a doctor or a nurse, because my dream is to help others in need, no matter how "gruesome" the job might be. A lot of things interest me, but only because I think I think too much. ;) I love to laugh and I hate being sad..Or just upset. I think I've said enough about myself and I hope to meet others with the same interests. I decided to make a LJ account for one main reason: to share my thoughts with the world. =)
thanks to: thrashmetal
for the journal style. <3